Real Estate, but not in the usual way...

We first came to the quiet little Island of Kaua’i for about 3 months in 1974. There was one traffic light on the entire Island and it was a pretty sleepy little place ! Then we moved from Kailua, Windward Oahu, where we had lived for 10 years, to Kilauea, on the North Shore of Kauai, in 1985, to raise our 3 sons. We are over the moon now, because they all came home to Kaua’i, after years on the Mainland, and are now successful young adults living with their families in Kilauea.

This little story might not mean much to you – except that we have a perspective on Hawaii that many people never see. When Jim first got into Real Estate he sold a 5 acre lot on the bluff overlooking “Secret Beach” for $225,000. A piece that is less than 1 ½ acre, with a nice house, just a couple of lots over was recently listed for $30,000,000 !

This is a quite frustrating for us – and makes it much more difficult for our local people to own a home. And this is part of the reason we have opened a new office, on Lighthouse Road, in Kilauea, 15 years later.

For us to get back into the saddle at this stage of our lives, we knew that we needed to come up with something that would be far more fulfilling. So we’ve chosen to set a new standard . . . to do something with a more noble purpose.

We would love to help everyone handle their Real Estate needs – and we will welcome you to our beautiful, state-of-the-art office – no matter who you are – and we treat everyone with genuine Aloha . . . but we’ve decided not to focus our efforts on attracting the multi-billionaire clients, who raise their selling price on their Kaua’i property by 11 million dollars . . . just because “They wanted more money” ! Or because “The market will bear it” ! If you bought that property, which at that time had been increased to $ 37,000,000, and which was affordable farm land just 20 years ago . . . your payment would be $ 165,445 – A MONTH ! And that’s after you put 7.4 million dollars down ! Sure . . . it’s a frigging nice house – with views that would astound you – but come on, let’s face it, that is sad. And it hurts those of us who are just trying to live here.

We have chosen to focus our hard work on building the strength of our community and the security of our local families by helping local people (of all nationalities) figure out how they can own property. As a business model . . . it defies all logic. And it’s quickly becoming a big issue and it’s getting more and more difficult. But it is still possible – for local people who truly want to own property and are determined enough to follow through. Did you know that homeowners’ children are more likely to become homeowners themselves ? And they are more likely to go to college, to vote and to volunteer in their community.

And we hope that you will help us in this noble endeavor – by giving us your thoughts and suggestions and – no matter who you are – by bringing your Real Estate business to us – whether you are thinking of buying or considering selling your property. We would be honored to help you – and that would help us to be able to help others. Please come talk story with us about the many ways that you may be able to help your community, while helping yourself. Over the years we have come up with some very creative ways to help make this happen: FHA loans at around 3.5% down payment, owner financing, homeowner education and support programs, down payment loans and family partnerships, for example. And we will be scheduling seminars to help people navigate the process of owning property.

We are so excited – and fortunate – that the dynamic, locally-born and raised, Taylor Kaluahine Reid has come home with her degree in Communications and Political Science from UH and chosen to join us in bringing together a small group of Real Estate Agents who choose to represent our Kaua’i people.

Also, if you would like to have our extraordinary mentorship in building a fun and rewarding career – on Kaua’i – and in helping to bring some balance to the “Gentrification” of our little Island – please give us a call. Our vision is to work with people who would be inspired by representing our various communities.

That’s what we mean by “Real Estate . . . Not in the Usual Way” ! We’d love to hear from you – and your thoughts and suggestions.

Jim and Harvest Edmonds, Principal Broker and RA
Emerald Isle Properties
Courteous, Professional Service Since 1988


Taylor Kaluahine Reid

 DSC7629There are only a handful of places in the world where you can begin your days mauka (towards the mountains) and end them makai (towards the ocean). Kaua’i is one of those exceptional places . . . and who better to help you find your dream property than a true “Kaua’i girl” ?

Taylor Kaluahine Reid was born and raised on the North Shore of Kaua’i, where she grew a deep love and respect for the ocean and surfing. Early on she learned about the Real Estate industry and the true Aloha Spirit, through her parents, her Father being an established island contractor, and her Mother a luxury resort icon.

Taylor graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii, earning a BA degree in Communication, with a minor in Political Science.

Eager to return to Kaua’i, Taylor decided to merge her strengths in interpersonal relations and business acumen with her passion for people . . . so joining the Emerald Isle Properties Ohana was the perfect fit. Situated in the idyllic community of Kilauea, the Emerald Isle Properties team continues to perpetuate the gracious spirit of the islands and is committed to delivering an unparalleled level of service to their clients.

Taylor’s academic and professional background has fostered her insight into negotiation, strategy and collaboration. Driven by results and backed by her unique, local knowledge she ensures that her clients are matched with their desired properties and satisfied with her exceptional service.

The grass really is greener on the Garden Isle ! Come check it out with Taylor.

Cell: 808.634.7250

Harvest and Jim Edmonds

 MOM n ABS new MSTR smllr 15Harvest and Jim Edmonds first came to Kaua’i in 1974. After a year in Hilo, on the Big Island, and 10 years in Kailua, on the windward side of Oahu, they came back home to raise their 3 sons in 1985 – who are all now young adults and live with their families on Kaua’i. It was a sleepy little place back then, with one traffic light, and everyone knew everyone’s rusty pickup.

Jim began his Real Estate career in 1987 and founded Emerald Isle Properties in Kilauea in 1990. Harvest joined him in 1998 and they have worked together to build a reputation of honesty, fairness, creativity and good, old fashioned hard work – and they practice a true version of the Aloha Spirit – and use zero pressure.
They have literally helped thousands of local people and new Kauaians to own property and would love to make your journey in Real Estate easier . . . whether you are considering buying or selling a property.