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Is Living Small, Living Big?

gallery 1471984230 landscape 1431372471 llano exit strategy 32Tiny homes, micro apartments, and mixed use communities are all the rage for 2017. They are popping up all over the US with places like Washington DC, Austin, Texas, and Portland Oregon leading the way…   


Tiny House Movement


This so call “Tiny House Movement,” is somewhat of an “anti-establishment movement” wherein “need overshadows want and relationship is valued over consumption. In other words, people are choosing to trade square footage for a simpler less expensive lifestyle. 


The typical American home is around 2,600 square feet, whereas tiny dwellings are between 100 and 700 square feet. They come in all shapes, forms, and functionalities but all enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space.

 Hawaii is just beginning it’s tiny home revolution, last month House Bill 1373 was introduced and describes allowance for Counties to “grant zoning exemptions for alternative dwellings… that can be built by private parties”!

If this bill is approved it would substantially increase the opportunity for affordable housing options and potentially speed up the lengthy permitting process for larger mixed use communities projects. 


AA exterior 3Although, there are a few highly creative individuals and businesses that were ahead of the tiny house curve. For instance,  the Women of Habitats Hawaii create custom tiny homes, like their not so tiny Ano Ano model to the left! Cute right?!

At 20 ' x 9 ‘ this classic island home includes a covered lanai and beautiful bamboo feature throughout. According to their site, depending upon what the individual(s) choose for  finishings, the Ano Ano would cost around $65,000! 


Tiny house movement in Hawaii

A $325,000 difference from the average price to build a new home in Hawaii ($135-$250/x 2,600 square ft)!  

With that being said there is no doubt this is the more affordable route, especially for individuals, couples, very small families, or even open-minded retirees.The Movement makes alot of sense across the Aloha State, we have ample agricultural properties and we basically live outdoors already!

If your interested in the idea of living in a tiny home take these points into consideration.

  • Consider what you could be giving up by living tiny. Personal Space, Bills, Bigger Objects you Love, Clutter
  • Consider what you could gain by living tiny. Financial Freedom, Simplicity, More Time Outdoors, More Free time
  • Consider your Priorities in a home. In a tiny home, you can't have it all, so it's important to be intentional about what you prioritize.
  • Consider your priorities in your life. Think about the bigger picture for a moment and consider what is most important to you in life. Do you want to have a family? Do you want to start your own business? 

Consider the Climate. Living in a tiny home in North Dakota or Alaska is much different from Hawai'i. Before wanderlusting about your tiny home decide home much of an impact your environment would have on the construction, livability, and preservation of your tiny home. Since we have pretty consistent weather in Hawai'i, many tiny homes feature outdoors showers and entertaining spaces. 

Consider accessibility. Can you easily move around in your tiny home? Do you wanna live in a loft? This design is popular in tiny homes, but for most it is impractical. A mindful architect can design a space that is functional and accessible. 

Consider your lifestyle. Mentally walk through your typical day... Where do you spend the most time and least time in your home? What kind of meals do you like to cook? Also consider your work, do you have a home office or do you commute?

Consider the law. Although tiny home popularity is increasing, building codes, permitting, and zoning restrictions in Hawai'i is still emerging. Call you local county planning and permitting departments to get a better understanding of the current laws. On Kaua'i, check out the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinances

Consider a property's potential. If you are choosing to buy land to build your tiny home consider the layout, sustainability, and efficiency of the property. Do you want to plant a garden, or have separate dwellings like an outhouse, outdoor kitchen, or mini guesthouse? Do your friends what to live tiny too? What about a tiny home community with your besties?! Fun. 

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For more information about tiny homes and the latest design trends check out these great sites: 




If your ready to start looking for property to plant your tiny home and live the dream. Contact Taylor Kaluahine Reid 808 634 7250






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